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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Annual Volunteer Recognition BBQ

Thursday, August 19, 2021
5 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
History San Jose Park
635 Phelan Avenue, San Jose, CA

This event is in appreciation of CTRC’s many dedicated volunteers.


July 4, 2021

The California Trolley and Railroad Corporation (CTRC), based in San Jose, will be relocating the former Southern Pacific Railroad steam locomotive, number 2479, and the Lenzen Roundhouse structure and turntable to the Niles Canyon Railway, operated by the Pacific Locomotive Association (PLA).

Read the full press release and supporting letters:

Built in 1923, Locomotive 2479 finished its active career pulling commuter trains between San Jose and San Francisco for the Southern Pacific Railroad. 2479 retired from service in 1956 and was donated Santa Clara County in 1958.

Since 1989, the volunteers of the Santa Clara Valley Railroad Association (Now named CTRC) have averaged over 5,000 hours per year on the restoration of SP 2479. This amounts to approximately twenty-five person years expended. To date it is estimated that 80% of the restoration effort has been completed to the locomotive.

The San Jose roundhouse, constructed in 1899 at Lenzen Avenue in San Jose, was used to house and maintain steam locomotives. Included with the roundhouse structure is a large water tower and an 80’ turntable used to rotate locomotives. The roundhouse and adjoining structures were used to maintain Southern Pacific locomotives and trains up until the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake when the roundhouse structure was deemed structurally unsound. The Lenzen Roundhouse was donated by Southern Pacific in 1994 for a proposed museum.


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By A. Randall

Had a big crew today, Peter, Kyle, John Z, and Bill Jump, were there in addition to the more usual Tom,Larry, Denis, JB and I.

John Z and Bill Jump were servicing equipment, Kyle cleaned and painted some studs, Larry and Denis worked on the cab lining, and Tom and I worked on identifying areas where we still have issues with the boiler.


Thursday, August 16, 2018

36th Annual Volunteer Recognition BBQ and Memorial Service for John Ezovski

Thursday, August 16, 2018
4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
History San Jose Park
635 Phelan Avenue, San Jose, CA

BBQ provided by Dennis DeMelloPine and Retired Santa Clara County Firefighters

Music by the Singing Conductors

This event is in appreciation of CTRC’s many dedicated volunteers and their guests and to memorialize the life of John Ezovski


Looking Back - 2015

At times, it has seemed to me that we have not accomplished much during this past year. I'm very wrong. With the small but dedicated crew, a lot has been done.


  • Pad welded three large waste areas on fireman's side of firebox wrapper sheet. These areas now exceed...


Status - June 10, 2014

John Ezovski Vandalism on SP1215

Someone felt they had to gain access to the 1215's cab by kicking out the fireman's front window. Plastic window was destroyed. Window frame was not damaged. Repairs will cost about $20.00. OSH Boxcar

Another big step towards getting OS...


December 7, 2013

Not much accomplished today. Lower temperature and moderate wind kept all hands close to heaters.

Some time was spent examining the second of three air tanks. Again news is not good. A waste area of substantial depth about size of a dime was located on the largest tank, 90" le...


SP2479 - Saturday, Dec 8, 2012

John Ezovski

Machining of the right side reverse shaft bushing is complete. Today the bushing was installed. A number of different machining processes were required to turn the $240.00 piece of bronze into the required part. Big thank you to AJR.

Several studs...


SP2479 - Dec 27, 2011

John Ezovski

Today the left crosshead was returned to the locomotive. With the crosshead in place, bolts were installed in the lower guide. All of the news is not good.

The crosshead was found to be pinched tight when full forward. A .025 inch shim was added at the f...


History San Jose Presents "The Way to San Jose"

History San Jose Presents The Way to San Jose, A Celebration of the Valley's Transportation History

San Jose, CA October 7, 2010

Commuters and non-commuters alike will have the opportunity to view transportation through the ages. Thanks to the R...


SP2479 & SP1215 - As 2009 Falls Away

J Ezovski

Progress on 2479 has been slowed the past several months because of the magnitude of the tasks ahead that are outside our machine's capabilities and funds, but it has been a very busy year. Below are listed most of our major accomplishments. Many...


2479 Update - December 2008

The last journal wedge was installed mid November. It seems that we forgot to trim the wedge to its required thickness before installation. With boiler finally sitting on its wheels, the steel beam that supported the firebox end of the locomotive was removed. All c...


2479/1215 Progress Summary - 2007

From John Ezovski

Sometimes it might feel that not much is being accomplished, but my notes show that is not the case!

  • Boiler
    • Wire wheeled and repainted.
    • Weld all remaining stay bolt holes - about 14.
    • Attach by welding remaining staybolt half sleeves....


Progress Report - December 20, 2006

Larry Murchison reports the following progress at the fairgrounds:

The crack that was discovered in driver number 2 right side wedge pedestal was not very deep. The crack was removed with die grinder. I polished the area with a Dremel tool, applied heat and...