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Posting Rollup - 2006

Progress Report - December 20, 2006

Larry Murchison reports the following progress at the fairgrounds:

The crack that was discovered in driver number 2 right side wedge pedestal was not very deep. The crack was removed with die grinder. I polished the area with a Dremel tool, applied heat and determined area clean for welding.

Completed welding of pedestal face plate for driver number 2 right side wedge. Some finish sanding of the inner and outer seams remains. Area should be ready for test fitting shoe and wedge on Saturday.

John Blaine picked up the short cylinder from the repair shop. Cylinder was assembled by the shop. John is going to pick up hydraulic fluid between now and Saturday. He does want to completely drain the hydraulic fluid and install a new filters before adding new fluid.

Denis Murchison worked at repairing angle grinders. He repaired two machines with damaged power cords and one with worn brushes.

Larry Murchison continued attempting to clean the parts and assemble the water column/water glass. The water glass gage assembly we presently have does not appear to be for this assembly but may be the fireman's water glass. The water column assembly needs to be completed so the lower column backhead input to the boiler can be accurately located.

Holiday Trolley (and the ARM Conference)

See the December Trolley Barn Newsletter for more photos and more information about what's happening at the Trolley Barn.

The Newsletter also contains a report from the recent ARM (Association of Railway Museums) conference in Sacramento.

2479 Progress Report - December 4, 2006

From John Ezovski

Completed carving out cracks in number 2 driver pedestal face plate welds. Began process of re-welding face plates to frame.

Disassembled and cleaned the forklift's large hydraulic cylinder. Now awaiting parts to reassemble both cylinders.

2479 Progress Report - October 28, 2006

Work during the past two weeks has focused on preparing for the coming winter rains. Crews have been trimming brush along the Healy Ave. fence, removed debris that has collected in the round house materials area and installed several patches on the roof of the double wide mobile home.

Slow progress is being made with the locomotive's shoes and wedges. Machining of the wedge for right side of #3 driver was performed. The shoe and wedge must now be installed and measured to determine if any additional machine work is required.

Several additional cracks in the welds that attach wear plates to the pedestals for number 2 driver have been discovered. These cracks are being ground out in preparation of welding.

Both of the organizations large fork lifts have major hydraulic leaks and are close to being unusable. A plan has been created and hopefully in the next several weeks repairs will begin on at least one of units.

2479 Progress Report - October 14, 2006

Completed reorganization of round house materials. Cleanup of debris remains.

Cleanup of area behind parts container. Pallets have been repaired and stacked.

Move panel track previously located in center of field to a more suitable storage location. Add section of panel track between locomotive and engine truck. Reposition engine truck closer to locomotive. Manufacture tooling for use on planner/shaper to machine shoes and wedges. Trim bushes along Healey Ave.

Install R3 shoe and wedge. Take measurements in preparation of final machining of wedge.


Steam Gauges for the 1215

Photos of the steam gauges for the 1215 have been uploaded into the photo gallery.

Here's the description from Hugh Crawford:

These gauges, as you see, are "double spring" meaning there are 2 Bourdon tubes linked together mechanically. These are more accurate gauges.

Here's what's been done so far:

Disassemble and clean - they were packed full of mud dauber mud.

Bead blast the cases and paint with high heat engine enamel.

Both linkages with hair springs were ultrasonically cleaned. One spring was straightened and reattached to the shaft and the shaft was straightened. - This was done by a Swiss trained jeweler. Strip and polish the brass rings to secure the glass.


Ordered tempered glass

ImageNeed to do:

Paint faces, install glass and needles, dead weight test through their operating range.

Any comments are welcome. I'm learning on this one.

Thanks to Al Paolo at CSRM for his advise and help straightening the dented face. Leonard for his gauge restoration and face painting advise.

2479 Progress Update - September 23, 2006

Completed gouging out of cracks around number 2 driver pedestal liners. Each liner, on the shoe and wedge side, had extensive cracks.

Removed two rigid staybolts on fireman's side of firebox in area to be pad welded. Threads on the wrapper sheet were slightly damaged during process.

Wednesday crew continued to rearrange pallets of bricks. About 45 pallets of brick have now been repositioned to allow easier grass (weed) cutting. Some pallets have rotted away. As these pallets are encountered bricks are being transferred to new pallets.

Preventative maintenance performed on forklift and lawn tractor. Small cracks were found on a part of the lawn tractor. Part has been removed for welding.

Attempted to perform final cut on a wedge. Found during cutting process that out Bridgeport would not perform a flat cut. The mill does not seem to like heavy loads on the table. Next attempt will be on the shaper planner in the outside machine shop.

Biggest news was the "disappearance" of about 2/3 of the huge pile of dirt.

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