California Trolley & Railroad Corporation (CTRC)
Preserving the historical heritage of railroading and trolleys in the Santa Clara Valley of California.

Community Endorsements for the Railroad Museum

The railroad museum will enrich the San Jose and Santa Clara county in numerous ways. It will let us experience our historical heritage; it will help us understand how people lived in a world that was not powered by the automobile; it will give concrete reality to the imagination of our children; and the museum grounds will provide recreational opportunities and add to the evolving and growing Guadalupe river corridor.

CTRC is reaching out to the community. Using scale models, power point slides, and handouts, CTRC has been presenting our San Jose Railroad Museum Park proposal to various community groups. As a result of these presentations, we have received formal endorsements from neighborhood and community organizations. If broad public support can be generated, the San Jose City Council may assist in seeking the public funds necessary to acquire the privately owned Coleman property for a public park. A portion of the park would be dedicated toward the railroad museum. We will not ask for public money to build this facility – it will be done by volunteers and donated services.

And the community is responding. Formal endorsements for the project are starting to accumulate. Additional endorsements are expected.

Below is a list of the formal endorsements received to date. (Each item below is a link to the full text of the endorsement.)