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SP2479 & SP1215 - As 2009 Falls Away

J Ezovski

Progress on 2479 has been slowed the past several months because of the magnitude of the tasks ahead that are outside our machine's capabilities and funds, but it has been a very busy year.  Below are listed most of our major accomplishments.  Many of these "one line" items were the cause of a good number of sore arms and backs.

Restoration Site Move

  • Repair and level three 30 foot sections of track for 2479 to rest upon during remainder of repairs.
  • Roll locomotive from old site to new.
  • Relocate, install and repair the 24 X 28 outdoor shop cover.
  • Move third of three containers.
  • Relocate air compressor shed.
  • Place double wide trailer on concrete piers and remove tires.
  • Repair damaged Clark forklift drop gear shaft.
  • Connect electrical to all containers, outdoor shop equipment, double wide and track side electrical panel.
  • Connect compressed air lines to outdoor shop and track side electrical panel.
  • Construct new secure enclosure to replace lost storage space at old site.
  • Repair stairs used to access locomotive cab deck.


  • Paint and install all brake components from brake cylinders to brake shoes.
  • Make two brake rod safety supports to replace missing components.
  • Remove and install both brake cylinders for purpose of replacing rubber brake cylinder seal.
  • Remove both steam distribution valves for inspection and repair.
  • Remove damaged left steam distribution valve cage.
  • Begin re-bushing front coupler pin hole.
1215 Initially


In May, cosmetic restoration of the exterior of locomotive and tender began.  To the right is an image of the locomotive's appearance in May.

Below is an image is the locomotive today.

Over 800 hours has been placed into this effort and there is still much to be accomplished.

1215 on Dec 29, 2009

Looking Forward

Without a major infusion of funds, there is little chance of 2479 seeing steam in 2010.  If we can have another good year, things might be very different in 2011.


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